TABLE:Soy. Pipe table [wood]
STOOL:Soy. Stool [No.728]

ON THE TABLE - Left→Light
Soy. Men's Torso Mannequin with props (short) NEW @Mens Dept
Soy. Yarn with wooden spool [Beige]
Soy. Yarn with wooden spool [White]
Soy. Yarn with wooden spool [Gray]
Soy. Itoguruma [Spinning wheel]

ON THE FLOOR - Left→Light
Soy. Iringa Basket [square]
(fd) Cat - 08 Stretching
Soy. Iringa Basket [round]
Soy. Men's Torso Mannequin (long) NEW @Mens Dept
Soy. Tailor's paper patterns and scissors NEW @Mens Dept

BUILDING:*bbqq*- humble abode
DECORATION:-ATTIC- White Paper Cranes Rain Curtain RARE
CURTAIN:*bbqq*-curtain V2-Silk-A

copycat dexing

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